History & Heritage—Celebrating 50 plus years!!!

More than 50 years ago, 65 families fondly called The Mayflower Group founded the Dix Hills Jewish Center. Originally housed in the “little pink house on Deer Park Avenue”,. In 1975 we moved into our home at 555 Vanderbilt Parkway – a Torah Processional still fondly recalled.

Rabbi Buechler along with his wife Laura, and family of five, has led our congregation since 1991. Before him, Rabbi Nathaniel Steinberg led the congregation from 1970-1991. In addition the Suffolk Jewish Center and Commack Jewish Center has been blended into our synagogue family in recent years.

We are an egalitarian dynamic conservative synagogue, with both men and women being counted equally to minyan, receiving aliyahs and reading Torah. We offer daily morning and evening minyans, the heart and soul of our congregation. Tot Shabbat is a wonderful part of our Shabbat celebration, encouraging generations of congregants to come together to Shul to enjoy Shabbat. Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, as well as Aufrufs and baby-namings, are Simchas we all share together.

Our officers and trustees and congregants who give of themselves selflessly, for the love of our synagogue.

The Rabbi, along with our Cantor, offer a wide array and diverse offerings of classes and programs. Lay leadership run many committees, programs, services and events year round. The synagogues Sisterhood and Men’s Club are constantly engaging us in programs, socials and exciting events.

Our Religious school, with our dedicated Hebrew School teachers, provides our children with quality Jewish education, where the foundations of Jewish learning are encouraged and reinforced, in a loving and nurturing environment, culminating at Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Our Early Childhood Academy is warm and creative. Giving our young children their first school experience, surrounded by caring teachers, who immerse the children in many wonderful Jewish traditions and holiday celebrations. We also have a summer camp.

We have groups for our teen congregants, including our newest one JAM (Jews Advocating Mitzvot) JAM is for our students 13-17, and meets with Rabbi Buechler once or twice a month and offers exciting adventures. Our Youth Group is for 8-18yr olds. They meet in our youth lounge, complete with Wii set up, televisions, pool tables, music, and much more. Our synagogue is also involved with USY, hosting many dances and overnight Kinnuses.

Everyone who is either a leader at our synagogue, an officer, a trustee, committee chair or member, volunteer or congregate, we are all committed to a warm, meaningful, joyful, “Yiddishkite” atmosphere, with prayer and celebration.

L’Dor V’Dor – generation to generation, for many years to come.