The Dix Hills Jewish Center is a participatory, egalitarian and dynamic Conservative congregation predicated upon the three traditional Hebrew terms for synagogue.

Beit Tefillah  – A House of Prayer, Dix Hills Jewish Center provides a high quality and inspiring religious atmosphere in which every member may participate in prayer and meditation. We promote the celebration of sacred moments in the lives of our congregants.

Beit Midrash – A House of Study, Dix Hills Jewish Center engages our entire community in the mitzvah of Torah study. An array of creative and exciting educational programs are provided to children and adults of all ages to foster lifelong learning. These opportunities serve as a method of transmitting our precious heritage from generation to generation.

Beit Knesset – A House of Assembly,  Dix Hills Jewish Center encourages participation by all members in a warm, embracing and caring fashion. We facilitate Jewish growth through a myriad of cultural and social activities and provide an environment which fosters the development of an extending caring congregation.