What is Sisterhood?
Sisterhood is the organization of the women of the Congregation who band together in friendship for programs to benefit the Temple and the community, for social activities, for study, and, above all, for the growth of the individual so that each may find an opportunity to fulfill her potential as a person and as a Jewish woman. Sisterhood provides the arena for the individual to expand and grow in a Jewish atmosphere.

Why Sisterhood?
Within the structure of the Congregation, Sisterhood is the collective presence, voice, and strength of women. It is the place where women can meet and work together for the benefit of the Congregation. Here, women can initiate and develop projects in which they are interested. As an organization, Sisterhood can initiate cooperative programs with other groups.

Why do you need Sisterhood?
Sisterhood provides a collective identity for the women of the Congregation. Sisterhood also provides an outlet for the creative energy, talent, and leadership potential for the individual Jewish woman.

Sisterhood will give you a worldwide identity too, through its affiliation with the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, a federation of more than 600 Sisterhoods with 100,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.

What does Sisterhood do?
Sisterhood can do whatever its members feel would be valuable to them, their families, their congregations, their communities. It’s all up to you.

Why does Sisterhood need you?
Sisterhood needs the support of all the women of the Congregation. All of us, whether mother, daughter, sister, aunt, or wives who are members of DHJC are needed as members of its Sisterhood. All of us, whether or not we perceive ourselves as having extra time, whether or not we enjoy all of Sisterhood’s activities or projects, whether or not we have children, whether or not we attend services regularly, are needed as members of Sisterhood.

As the Jewish New Year begins let us reflect on our Jewish identity and discover how you can become more involved. Our Temple’s Sisterhood is a wonderful organization that allows us to make a difference in our community, develop life-long friendships and support our Synagogue in many ways. Whether you’ve been a member for years, are a new member, or are considering joining, come to our meetings, join a committee, participate in a program, make new friends and spend time with old ones. We’re looking forward to a dynamic year!

For more information contact Sisterhood at: dhjcsisterhood@gmail.com.