JAM is designed to empower our High School students through inspired actions, dynamic community service, and deepened Jewish knowledge.

JAM (Jews Advocating Mitzvot) is a powerful forum for Jewish students to clarify their values and make a difference. Our JAM events encompass an array of activities from engaging discussions to motivated social action events and unique trip opportunities.

JAM is a collaborative endeavor providing leadership skills to the next generation of Jewish visionaries, movers and shakers. Led by Rabbi Buechler, each event incorporates the wisdom of our Sages to see the power of Judaism through the Ages lived in our lives.

JAM is a key to success in the academic and faith foundations of our teens. Each program is designed to build a strong sense of identity and faith which empowers our teens to make the right decisions in life. Each event inculcates values and transfers the core beliefs of Judaism into deeds and acts of loving-kindness. Through debates, cultural awareness, and artful and supervised use of the social media, JAM positions our teens with a creative and successful program that sparkles on their activities resume and college applications. A formal Certificate of Exemplary Civic Leadership is present to each JAM member during their senior year in High School.

Each year JAM participants will be involved in a major travel program where they will learn about another Jewish community, be immersed in their culture, advocate and innovate in a mitzvah project while visiting their communities.