DHJC and The Czech Memorial Scrolls
Holocaust Survivors

The Dix Hills Jewish Center is honored to be the home of three of the 1564 Czech Memorial Trust Torahs. Each Torah has been on loan to us from the Czech Memorial Scrolls Trust, with two sacred scrolls becoming part of our precious legacy when Suffolk Jewish Center and Commack Jewish Center merged with DHJC. The 1564 Torah scrolls were rescued from the ravaged Jewish communities of Bohemia, Moravia, & Silesia following the Nazi Occupation of Czechoslovakia 1939-1945

Though the scrolls were saved from the Nazis, they were stored for almost 20 years in a synagogue outside of Prague where they remained (decomposing) until 1963, when the Czech government searched for and found a buyer for them, Ralph Yablon. Yablon, a founding member of the London’s Westminster Synagogue purchased the 1564 scrolls and on Feb. 7, 1964 they arrived in London. The scrolls, all 1564 were in need of repair and Rabbi David Brand, a sofer in London, undertook the massive task of restoring them, a task which took nearly 30 years.

Many of the scrolls are presently on loan to synagogues throughout the world. The Sefer Scroll that was brought to Dix Hills Jewish Center by the Memorial Scrolls Trust in December 1980 is scroll number 1114. It was written in 1850 and comes from the village of Chotebor. Scroll number 344 written in 1815 in the village of Prostejov was originally in Suffolk Jewish Center. Scroll number 1416 written in 1780 in the village of Budyne was originally in Commack Jewish Center. We are proud and blessed to be caring and safeguarding these sacred Torahs.

We honor the memory of these Jewish communities, and all Jewish Communities each time we see these majestic scrolls on display and when we use them at sacred moments of remembrance. May the victims of the Shoah never be forgotten and may these Scrolls, along with the others, serve as a symbol of hope for all generations to come.

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