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Shalom & Our prayers for well-being for all!!

Town Hall and Special Programming

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Connect to Prayers at Dix Hills Jewish Center

Updated 10/22/2020

Friday Night Prayers to Welcome Shabbat at 6:30 pm
On ZOOM & On-Site

Saturday Morning Shabbat Prayers at 10:00 AM
On ZOOM & On-Site

Saturday Afternoon/Evening Prayers & Havdallah at Sunset Weekly

Daily Minyan
Morning Minyan ZOOM *
Monday – Friday 8:00 am
Sunday at 9:00 am
*Please note Thursday mornings 8:00 am on ZOOM and On-Site

Evening Minyan ZOOM
Sunday – Thursday at 8:00 pm

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Cantor’s Classes

Hebrew Literacy @ 11:00am
Reading Hebrew from the Siddur

Trope @ 7:30pm
What is the history of Torah Trope and what is its purpose?

Hebrew Literacy @ 7:00pm
Reading Hebrew from the Siddur

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Rabbi’s Classes & Studies

Weekly Torah Portions @ 8:30pm
A thirty minute conversation about the Torah Portion of the week. How the Torah guides us through this turbulent pandemic time with insights from history, culture and art, the wisdom of the rabbinic sages and the meaning of the portion in the light of our current times defined by Covid 19.

Talmud @ 7:00pm
The powerful teaching of Tractate of Moed Katan studied in English translation. Topics include: prayer, theology, rituals & observances.

Beyond Torah – The Book of Joshua & Judges @8:30pm
The amazing quests of Joshua. The values and exploits of the successor to Moses!

Contemporary Issues & Jewish Perspectives @ 10:00am
Each week two or three compelling topics will be discussed.

Jewish Journeys @ 9:30am
A survey of Jewish traditions and practices including life cycle events, holidays & Jewish thought, theology & mysticism.

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Selichot Book

Download Selichot Book PDF

Megillat Esther

Download Megillat Esther PDF

Siddur Tishah B'Av

Download Tishah B’Av Siddur PDF

weekday Maariv SIDDUR SIM SHALOM

Download Weekday Evening Siddur PDF

Friday Night Siddur PDF

Download Friday Night Siddur PDF

Saturday Morning Siddur PDF

Download Saturday/Festival Morning Siddur PDF

Saturday Evening Siddur PDF

Download Saturday Evening Siddur PDF

Memorial Book 5780

Download Memorial Book 5780
Download Havdallah Sheet English PDF
Download Havdallah Sheet Hebrew PDF