“May the Memory of your beloved continue to inspire and bless you!”

A yahrzeit candle is to be lit at sundown on the above date and remain burning until after sunset of the next day. You are also invited to attend our prayers that evening and the following morning and evening as you recite Kaddish in loving memory. It has been noted that Jewish tradition has assigned the day of death, instead of the day of birth, for remembrance because the life of the person can best be evaluated at the end of their journey on earth.

Observances and Practices of Yahrzeit
The Yahrzeit is observed in accordance with the Jewish calendar upon the date of death, which accounts for its occurrence on different dates of the secular calendar each year, just as Jewish Holidays fluctuate as well. As the human spirit is biblically referred to as the “lamp of the Lord” (Proverbs 20:27), it is customary to light a Yahrzeit lamp.

The Kaddish prayer, recited in remembrance of parents and other loved ones, affirms your attachment to our people and to the Jewish way of life.

You are invited to attend synagogue services on the actual date of the Yahrzeit, as well as the Sabbath which precedes the Yahrzeit. Our congregation has daily evening and morning services which enables you to fulfill the mitzvah of reciting the Kaddish in memory of, and in tribute to, your beloved.

Please call the synagogue for the service times or check our website dhjc.org.

The practice of studying Torah and giving of charity in memory of the deceased on a Yahrzeit is a cherished tradition among our people. Should you desire to make a contribution to the synagogue in memory of a loved one, it would be sincerely appreciated. Please use the enclosed envelope and include your name and the name of the person in whose memory you are making the gift and we are grateful for your kind act of tzedakah.

Set a complimentary Yahrzeit Reminder as an easy way to remember both the English and Hebrew Yahrzeit dates of your loved ones.  Contact the Executive Director at Execdir@dhjc.org or 631-499-6644  to set up.